Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday = Garden Tour

Here at the ol' suburban homestead, we're seeing tulips
Don't you just love the  fuzzy-headed alpine tulips when they've gone to seed??

and fruit tree blossoms give way to

the first poppies of the season.
This, seriously, has to be my favourite part of the yard right now.

The German chamomile is blossoming...

I can almost taste our first cups of fresh tea from these little guys.

The berries are finally starting to flower in full force. 
Thankfully the razzie's now resemble a beehive

Saw a few bees on the blueberries this weekend

Moose's mouth is watering just counting all these potential strawberries

Dainty little alpine strawberries--you're so sweet.

The spuds are emerging from their fox holes,

Same goes for the weeds in the peas and the onions...grr!

And here's the pictures of the stinky ol' *big idea* of mine that landed Moose with a bum thumb.  (Sorry again, my Moose!!)

Also, there's new developments in the new neighbird's bungalow.  Mommy and Daddy Sparrow are busy caring for a little nest full of birds that i am too afraid to try to get a picture of.  They aren't in the easiest of spots, nor eager for their moment in the spotlight such as Mrs. Oodles adorable nest of birds.  Our WA sparrows must be recluses compared to those sweet little cousins of theirs in back east. :)  Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow have been very tolerant of our comings and goings when needing to tend to the chickens, and i don't want to push our luck.  Like the Grosbeaks have been doing.  Ei yi ei!  Poor little daddy bird has been having to defend his babes from the wild pack of Grosbeaks morning, noon, and noony night it seems.  Which lead to the redeployment of an old feeder out in our paperbark maple.  Which coincidentally the gold finches seem to prefer as well!

It's been great sharing the miracles of Spring with Cookie Monster this year.  She seems to have a little more interest in playing in dirt, watching birds, helping weed the garden, and finding worms--granted, she needs her garden gloves for that last one!  We sat out on the deck numerous times in the last week listening to the cacophony of peeps, screeches, and general chatter of our fine feathered friends.  All the while, Cookie cheers on Daddy and Mommy Sparrow:  "Keep up the good work, Daddy Sparrow."  "Mommy Sparrow, you're such a good mommy.  I bet your babies love you lots."  (and when the birds fly away) "Where you goin'?  Don't leave you're babies too long, Momma."

I will try to get a video, even just for the sound, of the babies. 

As soon as i charge up those pesky camera batteries.  :)

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