Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Contents of my Dream Home

I have been having this reoccurring daydream lately.  Moose told me about a co-worker that has planted a portable demonstration garden in the back of an old pickup.  What a cool idea for community outreach, eh?  That got me to thinking....

What if you build a chicken coop in the back of an old pickup?  You could drive it around the paddocks and leave your chickens to free range for a few weeks. 

I think an old truck like this might work...
1961 Ford Econoline Pickup
This one recently sold in Ontario for $15,000CAN.  Of course, i need one a little less. :)  And obviously the truck would need to be turquoise (my favourite colour.)  We could paint the coop white.  Maybe built in the Bavarian style.  With some red shutters and window boxes on it. :)  Can't you just imagine a little chicken ramp out the back with a mess of barred rocks run down it? 

Moose is gonna panic when he reads this. :)

My curiousity about different trucks led me to a neat website, Old Parked Cars.  It's a blog by a few friends that as far as i can tell are from Oregon, and they take pictures of some of the old cars they see around their town.  They also take reader submissions.

Lots of neat trucks on there!

Maybe i'll need to have a couple different trucks with coops built in the back.  Like this Chevy truck...painted cherry red!!

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  1. I saw a picture of an International Harvester Scout a few months back and fell hard in love. It might even have topped the lure of the fifties Chevy pickups I've felt all my life. I love old trucks too.


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