Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rescued From Goodwill

August was a good month for treasures at G'Willys.

I found this really neat crocheted piece at the G'Willy in Gig Harbor while Cookie was in dance camp.  I must have walked around with it in my arms for an hour trying to decide whether i should get it or not. :)  Having that debate with know the one where you say, "oh i could do that," when truthfully, you don't even know what kind of crochet this is. :)

 I haven't decided whether to use it as a throw yet.  I put it down on our hardwood floors in our living room and i think i actually squeaked.  It would make a dashing rug...Moose said he would never walk on it though, so that could be a problem should he want to get to his chair in the living room. :)

I also found this little throw last week.  Made from a bunch of busy nine patches sewn together.  It's a tied bound quilt.  Right now it is doing a wonderful job of covering our potatoes and keeping them from getting green. :)
 After that, i think i may use it as a cover on our ottoman.  I've been using old tablecloths to do that now, but it kinda creeps me out when people put their feet on them.  All i can think is, "hey, i eat off that tablecloth sometimes!" :)
Found this little sack for Cookie Monster.
Thought it would make a lovely library bag.
It came with the tags still on it; apparently it was from a children's clothing company in Illinois called Apron Strings.  I wonder if it housed a sweet little summer dress in it?
Maybe someday i can contract my mom to make Cookie's initial to replace the "L" on the bag.

There'll be more another day, as i still have to wash up some of the other finds.
Just been running out of time between schoolin' and irish dancin'. :)

Hope you all are having a great week!

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