Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to Washington, Mr. President!

We had an exciting weekend this weekend!  On the calendar of events was a Knights of Veritas sword fighting demonstration and Tolkein Tea at a local book store, but also a Comet and Asteriod presentation at the Boeing Museum of Flight. 

Yesterday, we arrived at the Boeing and saw a whole mess of law enforcement officials and barricades everywhere.  Something in my brain dislodged and reminded me that i had heard that President Obama was coming to Seattle for fundraising events this weekend.  Boy, did we pick the right day to head to Seattle or what?

And of course, all i brought was my cell phone camera.  Grrrr!
Air Force One (Boeing 747) Pres Obama on approach
 It was one of those days that wasn't supposed to be a school day, but ended up being more educational than most of our school days at home, where we sit and learn the basics of math and English.  Those are the days that rejuvinate my love of homeschooling!

We arrived just in time for the comet class, but when we heard that President Obama would be arriving in 50 minutes, Cookie decided she wanted to skip the comets and wait for the President. :)

We talked about the security that we saw around the area (bomb squad dogs, law enforcement from every town within a 60 mile radius, cops driving by checking license plates of big vehicles, etc.)  We talked about the relationship between the president's security and our country's well being, the presidents that have been attacked in recent years, the Obama family, and the riggers of being a president of a whole country and how that compared to the schedule of our head bacon bringer, Moose. 

The most intriguing part of our discussion was the decoy mechanisms that the Secret Service uses for the president.  Cookie loved the idea that they basically play a shell game with the president and his planes and cars.  :)

Air Force One (Boeing 747) parked above the tail of the B-17
 Once the plane landed, we headed inside for something to eat.  I never imagined the motorcade these day would pass by so close to spectators.  I felt so bad, because from where we were standing to view the plane's arrival, we would have been able to see President Obama face to face.  Apparently, he even rolled down his window to wave, because we heard that there were a few people who had seen a really nice picture of the president from someone's camera.  Rabbits!

From the cafeteria, we were able to see the motorcade for a distance--how things have changed in the few years.  The president's motorcade included, but was not limited to, an ambulance, a bomb squad, and numberous unmarked vans.

In the museum, we were able to see video footage of Pres. Kennedy dedicating NASA.  And Cookie Monster was thrilled to brave the soggy weather to see a former Air Force One (Boeing 707) on display from the Lynden Johnson era. 

Once we returned home, we heard on the news that the President Obama was leaving Seattle.  There was a bit of a delay because of an emergency medical flight arriving the same time he was to depart.  Thankfully, that give me enough time to shake another piece of information from my tired ol' brain.  When "W" was president, and came to Seattle, we could see his plane from our deck.  So Cookie and i headed out with a proper camera and binoculars in hand this time.

And we were rewarded with Air Force One flying right over the roof of our home!!

Air Force One (Boeing 747) Pres Obama

Hope you had a fruitful visit to the Seattle area, Mr. President, and we wish you a
safe journey home to your family.

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