Saturday, September 3, 2011

Experiments with Bread :: To Seed, or Not To Seed

 With a little time to myself this week while the Cookie Monster is at Grandma and Grandpa camp, i have to resort to things such as experimenting with the house bread recipe for cheap entertainment. :)

We love a certain kind of nutty-seeded bread around here, and being that it is in every grocery around here, it is quite easy to get lazy and throw a couple loaves in the ol' shopping cart each week.  However, at $5 or more a loaf, that could eat up my crafting budget. :)  Time to replicate this as best i can at home, eh?  I've perfected my preferred signature design for a loaf...that little swirl at the end reminds me of a little belly button for some reason. 

One thing i haven't perfected yet is the precise seed/nut ratio to include in the bread.

This is my second attempt...
let's just say it's better than my first, which left taste testers in utter disbelief
of any seeds having been added. 

So this time, i am taking notes:
to house recipe i've added
1T flax, 1T chia, 1T sesame, 2T pumpkin, and 2T sunflower.
Also, *self*, throw a blanket of foil over the poor chap at 30 minutes in, will ya?!

And it's not nearly enough!!
More experiments needed to say the least, however at least there'll be plenty of toast this week. :)

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