Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's Garden Look-See

We've had a couple of good harvests from the garden the past couple weeks.  That last burst of hot weather a couple weeks ago did the tomatoes good.  We are seeing more yellow and red out there...hoping to sustain them till the end of the month.  Work with us, Mother Nature!

Here's today's harvest in time for dinner:  green beans, cherry toms, and a couple of carrots for Cookie Monster.  Should be quite tasty with tuna melts!

This year's potato harvest of bittersweet.  Out of a ten foot section of Red Chief potatoes we grew a whole whopping 5 spuds.  It has to be our mistake though, because the Yellow Finn seed from the same seed company grew about 15 pounds from 10 feet of seed.
Bring on the au gratins!!
This week is supposed to be another mild fall week.  Sunny and in the mid to upper 70's.  Not typical Seattle weather, but we'll take it!

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