Saturday, January 28, 2012


Welcome to our new home.  Take off your coat and stay a while.

Come grab a spot by the fire...

Chairs?!?  What chairs?  There's a perfectly good floor to sit on, isn't there?

This moving hasn't been as smooth as creamy Skippy, due to the old owners needing more time to pack their stuff.  We were able to get in this afternoon, just in time for dinner.  So we unpacked some plates, and broke out with the beef stew. 

The First Supper

Thankfully we were able to share it with my parents!  Cookie excitedly stocked the new pantry with the groceries we brought over from the old pantry.

And just as a friendly reminder because i care to spare you from the same fate....


Melanoma Battle Wound

Will be extremely glad to get the all clear from the doc so i can enjoy this baby

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  1. Wow, the farm looks amazing! Greenhouses! Gardens! Ponds! Oh my! Congratulations to you all! (Got the address change card yesterday).

    Secondly, OUCH! Where on your body is that? I remember when you had something taken off your back. Redheads and desert upbringings do not mix! I hope you are doing ok with pain. You seems as chipper as ever!

    Take care!


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