Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Greetings from Snowy Puget Sound

This past weekend we had a reasonable, seasonal snowfall for our area.
And while we in the greater Western Washington area aren't known for our driving abilities in even just a 1/2" of white stuff, we do know what to do with it once it sticks to the ground!

Cookie couldn't wait to get out and play in it.

Official Snowman Construction Team
 Soon all the foot-drag "skiing" and snow angel making gave way to snowman design.  Cookie dubbed our snowman "Hot Enchilada Guy".

"Why, yes, our snowman is wearing a sombero."
  In an unfortunate accident, our dear H.E.G. lost his head, and so, he was transformed into a smaller version of himself.

And once a snowman is made, you know what time it is...

"Put 'em up, put 'em up."

Commence pelting the parentals with snowballs...yeehaw!

Moose cleverly trys to defend himself with the ice "shield" from the birdbath.

Since then, another storm has made it's way here.

It started around 1 a.m. and has been snowing ever since.  We've received about 4-5 inches, but it's still snowing.  Maybe we will get that predicted 9 inches.

The 243rd St. Bunny Hill is open for business one last time for us. :)
Thank goodness at the new house, the Bunny Hill is right on our property--and isn't a thru street.  Although, the new bunny hill may actually qualify as a Black Diamond Trail, as it is pretty steep and has a fenced pasture as a stop guard.  Nothing a few bails of hay can't help though. :)
And you know whatelse is cool about the new house?
They are supposed to get 12-18 inches of the magical white stuff!
(which incidentally does nothing for those of us trying to move, however it will be something to look forward to again in the future!  Hoorah!)

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