Friday, January 13, 2012

The Floorplan

Here's what we have to work with.  It's so quaint, yet thankfully not a dollhouse. :) 
The 1st Floor

The 2nd Floor

Now that we own the place, i can breathe. I wasn't going to believe it until someone started demanding monthly payment from us. And now they are. :)

This was the first house i've ever purchased (the one that we live in now doesn't count, because Moose did all the hard work before i moved in.) I can't believe how nerve-wracking it is to sign all that paperwork in just a few minutes. Ei yi ei!! I will never buy another house without a lawyer present, i tell you that! Maybe they could help me research "boiler plate" contracts in the real estate game, helping me not feel so lost come time to sign things of which i do not know. Thankfully, Moose purchases properties in his work, so he is familiar with the process and jargon. Never have i felt like such a housewife!

As a side note, did you know that an expired Costco card counts as a "second i.d." when applying for a home loan? :)

In the negotiation with the sellers of the home, we agreed to allow them to inhabit the house until they could find a new home of their own. After they move, we'll need to paint the upstairs bedrooms before we move our furniture in (with much help as i'll have a bandaged left wing at that point.)

Then from there, it is anyone's guess really.

And with a yard like this (just in time for planting season to start), who knows what'll happen next!

a sloppy rendition of the property

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