Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Fortune Cookie Knows

I've been slightly apprehensive about believing we were moving.
We've had so many opportunities to own neat houses blindside us, because we were sold on the idea that just because we were liked them, they were as good as ours.

However, we've been going out to favourite haunts in our area, as though we won't be here much longer.  Just last week, i had a hankerin' for some Chinese buffet, and we visited the local place that everyone frequents because basically it's so bad, it's good.  You catch my drift?  I mean, really, who would think that a pan of tater tots resting between the egg drop soup and the Mongolian beef is authentic Chinese cuisine?  However one of the reasons why people love this place is their propensity for comfort food--personally, i feel no one holds a candle to their Korean glass noodles.

They do have fortune cookies, which i've always curiously suspected are more hyped Americana than traditional Chinese cuisine.  Coincidentally, this was my fortune.

How did it know?

Because 9 days later, we are the proud new owners of this beauty.

picture courtesy Windermere MLS

And so the moving adventures of
Whit, her man Moose and their little Cookie Monster take flight!
Finally proving the ol' adage that if you pack it, you will move it. :)

Hope you'll stay tuned...


  1. What (a) great fortune! Good luck with the move. Looks beautiful!

  2. It looks beautiful! I can't wait to see more. Have fun unpacking!


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