Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Fine Art of Duck Rearing

Does homeschool get any better than this?

This morning we took the ducks out for their first outing with Cookie Monster in the grass.

Teaching her to be a good mommy duck didn't take too much time...
and the ducks took to her like they did to their first slugs! :)

Mischievous loved playing "Duck 'n' Seek" with Cookie.

Preening Mischievous the duck

Cuddling with Daffodil the duck

Daffy quickly found out that Cookie's lap makes a good nesting spot.

But you have to be careful with Daffy because this duck will bowl you over and 

shower you with ducky kisses.

Racer is the wild card.  This duck is a scaredy duck.

As soon as you separate Racer from the rest of the chucklings, it peeps it's head off
and runs away from people.

So, Cookie came up with a good, but risky, solution.  She thought if we took Daffy and Mischievous out with Racer, that maybe they could help ease Racer's anxiety and show it how to behave. 

It was a bigger risk, because Rosie the Barn Cat had relocated to the porch and become quite interested in the birds.

But Cookie's idea worked.

After a little time spent playing with each other in the grass near Cookie the Momma Duck :)...

it was time to waddle back into the brooder in the shed.

Git Along Lil Ducklings

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  1. captured everything so well I felt like I was right there with the both of you!



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