Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's Local :: Enumclaw

Ever since moving to a new town, i have been trying to find the best places to shop in town both to help meet our needs and support our families living out here on the Plateau.  It's a little more difficult, since the one stop shop is more than 10 miles away and the grocers out here are my two least favourite stores of our region--least favourite because of lack of organics, nothing else.  So there are some things that i can buy in these places rather than driving into the city.  And while all of us would love our towns to have prosperous local economies that support and are supported by the surrounding area, that is just not possible in some area's of our country at this time.  So i am trying to keep focus first on the thought that shopping at stores in our area, allbeit chain store or not, supports local families who's patriarchs or matriarchs work in these establishments.

With multi-thousand dollar marketing budgets, chain stores don't need the community's help, beyond shopping for goods in their stores. However, like many small towns, Enumclaw is home to many Mom and Pop shops with mere pennies for marketing, and most of that goes into their signage at the street.

Trying to find these shops or reviews of such online proved futile.

The only way to test them was to try them out myself.

Which lead me to wonder whether i was the only one looking for these places?  Can't be, eh?

One day while visiting one of the sweet spots downtown, i overheard a woman who said she drove all the way from Olympia to get a few flavours of ice cream that they don't carry in her town!  She had no idea what else there was to do in town or where the good shops or restaurants were.

It's inspired me to write about our adventures in living out here.
I will include shops as well as places of interest.

First up will be tomorrow.

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