Monday, May 28, 2012

Rubber Duckies

We've been getting the ducks out for a swim every couple days.

Though they aren't big enough yet to go out into the pond (they're still working on developing their feathers and preen glands that they will use to oil those feathers.)

After their swim, they spend their days in a pen made from a baby gate with some straw for bedding.
The metal watering trough is almost too small to contain them, so we only put them in there are night.

And, because nothing can every go smoothly, we noticed that Racer is limping. I can't really tell what might be wrong, other than it's not putting weight on the foot...the webbing and toes aren't spreading out when the foot is on the ground. Hoping it's just a twist or a little sore that will heal up within the next week. Otherwise, we are going to have to find out what to do with a lame duck. :(

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  1. Is there something in his foot?



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