Friday, May 4, 2012


We had a rough past couple of days here. 

Thank God, Moose had the insight to check on the "chucklings" before he left for work on Wednesday, or i could be sharing a completely different story.

He found the heat lamp had started the brooder bedding on flames or anything, but it was smoldering and smoking up the place.  The smell was absolutely horrific!

I dumped a huge plastic bin of yarn in our bedroom and ran out to save the lil' guys.  We brought them into the bathroom, and set up a little critter ER in there.  Trying to get a bathroom heated to 85 degrees F in a house without central heat is an uphill battle, lemme tell you. One i'll be able to annoy my grandkids with someday; "You think Statisics is hard, did i ever tell you about the time when..." :)  With a wall heater and space heater cranked on full and the hot water running in the shower, i could still only get the temperature up to 76F (with 90% humidity though!)  Grrr!  It stayed warm enough long enough for us to run into town for more bedding and a new waterer.  And made me very thankful that we don't live in Florida. :)

The critters have survived thus far, after suffering from smoke inhalation and a few minor burns.  Save for one chick: we will see how life for her pans out as she is missing two digits from each foot.  She doesn't seem to be suffering from the damage, so we were lucky not to have to put her down.

Not certain what to do for them, but wanting to try to help them.  I've been adding electrolytes to their water, serving them cooked yokes and yoghurt, and applying aloe and neosporin to wounded necks and feet. 

We'll keep you updated, but if you don't here see new posts for a while, you know i'm out tending critters and praying my thank you's to God!

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  1. You are so very, very, very lucky! So many people lose all the flock and buildings just that way!

    I am very happy for you. I think I would add in poly vitamins (the kind for babies) for the little ones that are hurt. Just drop a drop into their little beaks. You shouldn't have to do it very long. A couple of days at the most.

    Watch closely now that the other fowl don't start pecking on the hurt ones. And be sure and use a red light so they can't SEE anything exciting to peck on.

    Gosh, I didn't mean to lecture, I'm sure you know how and what to do with out me butting in.

    I'm very glad you and your farm and house and ll the critters are okay!!!



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