Monday, May 14, 2012

A Peek in the Greenhouse

One bed in the greenhouse is coming along real nicely...
most of our starts are moving from one greenhouse to another at this point.

Di Cicco Broccoli

Oakleaf Lettuce
 We've mostly been busy pulling weeds in the Abominable Growman.  The beds are full of grasses and chick weed and some unknown to me wetland type looking blobs.

This bed is really exciting because it's starting to show fruits of our labour.
The Candy and cipollini onions i planted as sets in March.
The French Breakfast and Watermelon radishes were planted last month with carrot seed interspersed. 

Also included in this bed are the tomato starts. 
Boy, they are growing so strong--just within a week!

Purple Cherokee
Needing to clean more space out faster in the peppers are ready to plant and i've got about 4/5ths of my tomato starts to plant up as well.

Moose also got the garden rototilled this weekend, so we'll be planting that up soon.  We've been getting frost in the morning, so i think i'll be waiting til June 1st to plant most things.  Especially the beautiful heirloom beans i received from a particularly generous acquaintance! :)  Thank you!!  The soil seems to have a high clay content, so we will see how things do this year.  In the fall, we hope to add lots of local, organic Moo Doo to start enriching and restructuring the soils.

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