Monday, February 15, 2010

Iiiiiiiit's Baaaaacccck!!

Yard Work! Woo hoo! This evening, Moose is feeling much more like himself and was looking for a project--especially because it was super nice (and sunny--ding) outside. So i gave him a laundry list of things that need to happen in the garden, finished up's schoolin', and high tailed it out to spend some time in the sunshine and garden with my Sweet Baboo.

Moose got the garden path dug out (again), since the grass has overtaken the Celtic Cross garden and the woodchip path around it. We'll be investing in some more wood chips. I'll be trying to figure out a real planting scheme for the beds in the garden...since it's proxmity to the grass doesn't bode well for a straight kitchen garden. Needs some anchors to keep the majourity of the weeds and sod out, and use the little open spaces here or there for some lettuce, herbs, usw.

I'm trying things a little differently this year too. I've been reading alot about companion planting from Sally Jean Cunningham's book. Some of her methods will help a lot with the huge 4x10 ft garden pad we have. I'd tried to plant it in it's entirety each year, but the weeds devour the joint, so the need to figure something else this year was a priority. Especially if we are putting up a for sale sign during the growing season.

And i have planted some seed already.

This post will contain my running list and i will be coming back to it, adding over and over again.

2010 Garden:
3 rows of Sugar Lace Snap Peas (planted 2.15)
1 sq foot of Olympia Hybrid Spinach (planted 2.1)

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  1. I worked outside all weekend, also. In the yard and helping Terry hang tin for the new barn. I loved it. I need to do more...this fat HAS to LEAVE!!!!



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