Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just Popping In

Busy weekend--looking at farms for sale again. Whew! Found a gorgie one, but it is practically on top of Mt. Rainier, so we aren't sure it'll make it past a couple night's of sleeping on it. But, boy it sure is quiet and picturesque out there!

But wanted to toot my own horn, if i may, and celebrate my 7 lbs gone since January 1st!! Woo hoo!! (Especially exciting because i am 7 days ahead of schedule!) After a disheartening 1.2 lb gain a couple weeks ago, i wasn't certain today's weigh in wasn't going to go all that well--at least that is what the Wii was telling me. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the receptionist said, "Oh, you go girl, you lost 3.2 lbs this week!"

Yaawwwwww-hooey! Actually, i believe my exact words were, "Hallelujah, Sweet Jesus!"

Maybe the fact that i can actually run along with the Wii Fit is helping now.

But most importantly....43 more pounds to go before it's baby making time again! :o)

Sorry, maybe that's a little TMI for my blogosphere friends, but i am very excited to reach that goal! We need a Moose, Jr. ..... and whoever else can come along before that phase of my life is over. Especially if we buy a farm--we'll need all the free labour we can get! :o)

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  1. Way to go GIRL! I can't say I've lost, but I haven't gained so that is something.



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