Friday, February 5, 2010

Mid Winter Break

Oh boy, if only it was for something interesting and fun that i needed a vacation!! Like going back to Ireland. :o)
What were we thinking changing spelling cirriculum?
We went with a cirriculum that requires that i get a 2 week head start on completing the lessons myself. :o\ Ei yi ei! But it will be good in the long run for C. monster--it's all about creating a better, brighter future, eh? As with most subjects, it is one of those things that half the book doesn't apply because she's reading at a 4 or 5th grade level already. However, the beginning of the book is where she'll learn the rules to spelling...and she'll be bored again, but i hope that we'll race quickly through the easy part and get to the words she doesn't know how to spell; like confectionary or kitchenette.

So, since i have about 12 steps to master, 98 phonogram rules to memorise and busy work assembling notebooks and cutting flash cards and such to do **before** i can start learn the lessons like "why 'you' is spelled like it and still can be considered an English word", i am forcing myself to take a little break from here for a couple weeks in lieu (ooh, maybe i'll learn the reason why 'lieu' is spelled like that, too!) of learning basic spelling rules, properly this time...especially so i can teach my kid! :O)
Hoping you all have a wonderful couple of weeks, and i look forward to catching up with you when i return. It's going to be the hardest thing not reading about what you all are up to for that long!

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