Friday, February 5, 2010

Isn't It Always The Way?

A couple Sundays ago, i broke down and bought this on my grocery shopping trip.... It had been at the grocer for about a month, with a very good price on it and their 10% discount for whole packaged goods. I was very good the first few times i saw it--an immediate about face and out of the bulk food section's general vacinity. Alas, it finally wore me down, as i kept thinking of all the things we make with oats, and how handy it would be to have "mixes" put together for the week or tons of granola on hand.

And as one would generally expect after such a took over and destroyed my grand plans. :o) I got sick, had a few appts to kept, played catch up with other things when i healed....well, no more ignoring the bag o' oats now!

But here it sits...still waiting for my elbow grease to repackage it. So that is on my list today. I'll be packaging up some dry granola bar mixes, some cookie mixes, and some granola mixes in jars and ziplocs. The rest i'll store in the freezer for breakfast or meatloaf/burger additives.

Then, it's off to schoolin'

UPDATED 2/9: With half of the bag gone, i now have:

  • 18 bags of various flavoured (pumpkin spice, cardamom, cinnamon) mixes for peanut butter granola bars
  • 4 bags of dry granola mix
  • 1 batch of granola made
  • 3 batches of granola bars made.

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