Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

What bad can you say about a day where you wake up to a love letter penned just for you from your Sweet Baboo, even though he's is sick?

Last night, to kick off Valentine's apparently, we had a surprise. We attended our old parish church for Mass since Moose wasn't feeling up to speed. And last night was the night the priest there does monthly blessings for wedding anniversaries. We were the only ones. So our family had to stand in front of the church and Moose did all the talking. Cookie Monster was there to witness this time, unlike the last. :o) Lo! and behold it was the night for a 2-fer, because as soon as we got back to our seats, the priest asked all the married couples to stand up and gave all of us a blessing.

We've enjoyed a family Wii date--rented a couple new games to try out--and i was blessed enough to get in a small amount of time to sorta relax at the local cafe and work out some lesson plans for the next two weeks (when did i become that hyper-organised homeschool mom with the lists, eh?) and now 2/3rds of us are recessin' the chickens while 1/3 of us is cleaning out some junk.

I went through my yarn stash....ei yi ei! Found just a few things that i can part with no prob. This is just the cotton alone. Oy!

Then when i gathered all the other yarns, half finished projects, usw. that i have....

this is borderline abominibal!

Those knitting needles will be smokin' over the next few weeks. After that, i don't think i'll need a new washcloth for at least 3 years.

I got a couple Valentine's projects done...made a couple of Valentine garlands with that super cute pattern i found, and ended up sticking with the original heart pattern, while adding a few stitches to it to make it work for me. I just loved the conversation heart theme....i can't wait to make felted hearts to write sme of the old Necco sayings on YEARS DOWN THE ROAD FROM NOW WHEN I NO LONGERS HAVE SUCH A HUGE STASH OF YARN!

(Look, Linda, look!!! I can't believe i did it!!!)

Over the past week, we were looking at houses too, and had another beauty that we really liked striped off the market before we could bat an eye. Grrrr. That's getting old. So i think we are going to spend some time just cleaning out the house. I don't mean "Mr. Clean"-in' out the house, but like actually taking her down to the furniture....or emptier. Then we'll strike will the iron is hot on the next beauty we see.

Hoping you all had a great Valentine's day with ones you love!

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