Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Stills :: Frame It

Sunday Stills challenge this week is to frame your subject.
Here's my attempts.
One of the local marinas.
Inside a barn.

Below is my little one on our vacation to the cabin.

Lil Girl Reading

View from our living room
Western WA Sunrise

This is a picture of a of the coolest i've ever taken. It's from our trip to St. Louis. Moose and i were freshly married and visiting family back there. I was using my old film camera that had a double exposure programmed into it. I was hoping to get Moose framed by the Arch, and luckily i did. I think this is the perfect picture to capture a civil engineer.

Another sunrise from our living room
Sunrise Over the Cascades

If you'd like to see more talent from the Sunday Stiller's or to join the group yourself, come visit here.


  1. thatz amazing creativity :) especially the 'barn' and 'picture of a picture' ones. Good job

  2. These are ALL great shots, but I love the one of Moose and the Arch the best. Well done. :)

  3. I liked all of your shots for Sunday Stills. My favorites are the barn window and your husband and the Arch.

  4. You are an amazing photographer! Is there anything you really can't do?



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