Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sunday Stills :: Graffiti

In the city in which I live, graffiti is hard to come by. We have an anti-graffiti task force employed by the city that keeps our town pretty free and clear of mostly the offending gang tags around the area.

I refuse to photograph anything that is a gang tag that I can't read. Who knows what indecencies you could be spreading photographing certain tags.

So here is some rookie tagger art I found down by the railroad tracks.

We also have a few Flickr groups set up commemorating old school tagging and graffiti murals from Seattle. We have a few free walls that are left for taggers to decorate around the industrial areas of Seattle. Sadly, though, most of the graffiti in Seattle is of the gang banger variety.

Would you like to see some other street art and graffiti across the country and the world? Visit Sunday Stills.


  1. you know...that's a good point about the "gang tag" thing..though I didnt' know what they were called. I like your happy kid friendly grafitti that you found to photograph, and I like your cities anti-grafitti task force! Good move on their part!

  2. Its a good find and a nice shot.:-)


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