Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday = Garden Tour


Happy Summer.

As true of lore around the Seattle area, the day after the Fourth of July weekend Summer has indeed arrived. Hot already if you stand in the sunshine at 8am; a far cry from going outside in a jacket at 8am just yesterday. Kinda like a local business' slogan goes, "Usually in the Pacific NW, the only "weather" around here is "whether" to wear the purple hoodie or the yellow one. ;o)

Last night was gorgeous around mid evening. The birds were singing and it was warm out. I took a few pictures for today's posts in get this: a tank top! I know, right?!

And as with all weekends around here, it seems like there is still so much to do that didn't get done. However, we did get a lot accomplished around here: Moose finished the trellises, installed the bird house and feeder, fixed the chicken coop, and laid the water lines for the yard. He also helped jam the razzies he's been picking. I helped Cookie Monster clean her room, planted some of the remaining seedlings in the garden, and general errands were run. We even had some happy accidents occur: like instead of making strawberry-orange jam, it turned out to be strawberry orange syrup. :o) Which, incidentally, tastes delightful on our other discovery this weekend, a recipe newly dubbed "Let Freedom Ring" Toast (Thanks, Bethany!!) Not only symbolic of the day it was created, but also it contributes to "freedom" from Mom slaving away in the kitchen, flipping traditional french toast, while everyone else is digging in. :o)

Hoping you had a great weekend wherever you may be an that your week is all sun and blue skies!

Cookie Monster transplanting sunflowers

the new birdhouse and beginnings of a new garden

the new hummingbird feeder

Corn's up!

I can't wait till the corn bed looks like this one below

the onions are growing gang-busters

look Maw, i can grow lettuce!

another brave soul decided to try it's hand at reproducing this year too!
Can't wait till it's time to can these babies.

Fruits of this weekend's labour included raspberry vinegar too.

And a new friend we met yesterday...i was sitting practically next to the bird feeder near our deck stairs. C. monster was up and down the stairs and this little chap didn't even flinch.

He let me take a video of him too.

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