Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Enjoying This

Fall is here.
Although, this isn't a fall us Seattlites would recognize right off hand.
Seriously?! California is getting massive amounts of rain this week and we are dry, sunny, & in the 70's? Cue the Twilight Zone intro!

It's cold in the house when Moose awakens.
Lovely man he is, he braves the freezing temps to fetch the firewood that will warm our little house.
All before he's had his breakfast.  Or his shower.
By the time he leaves, the stove is pumping out the heat--around 400 degrees Fahrenheit!
Enjoy finding where our Halloween decorations will live in our new home.
Needing to find more pieces and places for vignettes,
rather than blanketing the house at large with seasonal decor.
Just where are those cool orange and black globe lights we have going to go???
Enjoying how the toys are creeping back in front of the fire.
Reminding myself to enjoy those now, especially when the littlest of pieces embeds itself in my foot, because they won't be there too many more years. :)
Enjoying a new knitting project this week.
In need of more dishclothes and Martha's yarn colours where spot on for my new kitchen.
Portland Feis this past weekend was the perfect time for new projects--lots of knitting on the car ride down and while cheering for Cookie in the stands.
Cookie is the 2nd girl from "Batgirl" on the right

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