Monday, October 8, 2012

shop local :: Enumclaw Sales Pavilion

In this installment of my shop local series, we bring you our experience at the Enumclaw Sales Pavilion.  The proper title should be "sell local", however. 

Our Polish rooster, Mo, was becoming quite aggressive for our taste.  He had already attacked Moose once and had developed a reputation for charging from behind (which really made changing the waterers and checking food difficult for one person).  For people who like to commune with our hens on a daily basis, you can imagine how frustrating it was.

Saturday, while we were readying for our travels to the Rose City, Cookie was playing in our backyard while Moose was tending to weeds in the garden.  Mo kept jumping up on our fences, crowing, puffing, and taunting Cookie. We decided there was no tolerance for that type of bullying.  And from a chicken no less!

A visit with some acquaintances that we saw last week proved fortutitous, with conversation centered around chicken talk.  They mentioned they had taken some poultry to the Sales Barn before they left for a vacation; three year old hens who's egg production had really tapered off weren't worth the cost of an animal sitter to them, however they didn't wish harm to their chickens either.  Makes sense.

Mo:  If you could only have followed the cardinal rules!
So Saturday morning, Moose prepared a moving box with straw and air holes for ol' Mo.  We showed up at check-in hours, standing in line with the regulars who drop off dozens of eating eggs, hatching eggs, and other birds to be auctioned off.  How it works is you leave your name and address and item, a number gets associated with that item and set out for auction, and when the auction is over you get a check in the mail if your item has sold.  Haven't talked to anyone yet about what happens when items don't sell.  But we create our own fantasy for Mo, and hope that he was snatched up for his beauty, rather than his tempermant, was whisked away to a glorious and picturesque chicken farm with a sizable harem of hens, who were all immediately struck breathless when they saw what a handsome and (un)refined fellow came to live with them!

shop local: Enumclaw AuctionThe Sales Barn runs many different types of auctions from poultry to horses to tools and farm equipment.  It's located on Hwy 164 & 228th Street. 


  1. So what happened........................


    1. We haven't got a check yet. Maybe he busted loose and is living in the park across the street. :)

  2. I went to a plant sale this weekend at the county and there they were tagging young pigs...i couldnt stay for it sounded like butchering to me....I have a tender heart...keep your fantasy I hope someone bought him


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