Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lemon Update

meyer lemon oct '12We've already had a couple of frosts out here in the country.  I didn't want to push my luck with my lemon tree, so i moved it into the greenhouse the end of last month.  With all the unseasonably nice weather we had, i was afraid that maybe it was getting too hot in there in the afternoons.  Then i remembered that these trees flourish in AZ. :)

Upon this week's inspection, i noticed the lemon tree is flowering again!  *Sqee!*  And right above those blossoms in the background you can see our first lemon developing.
Overall we have 3 lemons, but the other two are so tiny, and with lemon tree's propensity to drop fruit, i am trying not to get too excited.

Also, per recommendation of an inspiring blogging chap at Tall Clover Farm, i snapped up a Bearss lime plant i found in a grocer's floral section...on clearance for $5 no less.  :)  There were olive plants too, so i figured i give one of those a go.  Behind them there are my lettuce plants for the winter.  Boy, that medium greenhouse is filling up fast!

Bearess lime and olive tree

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