Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Case of the Curious Bird

Already the Barred Rock chickens are proving to be a handful.  Well, one in particular.
  Maybe it's her way of paying us back for injuring her in the fire
If you look closely, you'll see she is missing two digits on her cute little chicken feet.

Thanks to Linda's advice on chicken heartiness, we were able to calm out fears that we would have to put the chick down and we tended to her little feet while she healed.

In honor of the first sleepover guests to grace our home with their riotous antics gleaned from strange and unusual reality T.V. and contagious laughter that only can come from a group of charming girls, and because it is an extremely fitting name in this case, we have dubbed thee:

Honey Boo Boo
We even tweaked the infamous quote of the real Honey Boo Boo to describe our friends, feathered and not:  "Melon Ballas make me holler, Honey Boo Boo."
We were absolutely loopy!  Poor Moose had to endure two solid days of this. :)
But i digress...
Our Honey Boo Boo stirred up some real the last couple days.
You know how you get into a habit of counting chickens at night, and they become so reliable, that you may causally glance at them one night, suspecting nothing is wrong?
Guilty here!
It's that goofy time of the year for us, when we have places to be in the daytime that don't permit us to be home at dusk to put the birds away.  Moose has graciously been putting the birds to bed in the dark the last couple weeks.  When i opened up the coop yesterday morning, i noticed a chicken in full on sprint come from the far corner of the pastures.  Huh.  That's not right.
I mentioned to Moose, on our drive to the bus stop, that we may want to double check the chickens at night--both of us becoming complacent chicken counters.
Last night, he rapped at the window and mentioned we were down a chicken.
He got a flashlight and headed out in the pasture.  And you wanna know what he found by the wee apple trees along the fence line?  In that strangely fenced off, mouse-infested, tall grassy area i mentioned a little while ago.  You know the one?
Miss Honey Boo Boo, buried under a mound of grass, sitting on her CLUTCH!

These are destined for the Ol' Egg Test today.

*shaking head* "Devil Chickens, Chickens, Chickens!"
They never cease to make us feel dumber than they are!


  1. honey boobo rules bless her heart!!

  2. You might try an electric eye door. I know of others that have used one and love it. The trick is to put your chickens up EARLY enough they will come in for food and still have time to eat it. You don't feed them until that time. Once chickens learn to stay outside, you will have the duce of a time getting them to come in.

    Aside from all that...GREAT POST! I love Honey DO DO



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