Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Late Night Story

The other day was a late night for us.  We have them scattered throughout the week.  Just another example of why we need to find an electric doo dad to put our feathered friends away.

It all started in the afternoon.  We drove to dance class about 25 miles away.  I've had a real sour stomach the past week, Cookie had one more class after dance.  Called Moose to see if he could play switch-a-roo with me, so i could go home and go to bed.  Agreed. 

We arrive at class No. 2 at 7:20pm.  It's pitch black out already.  Moose is waiting for us.  I make sure Cookie is settled, then head home.  Figuring that Moose won't be home 'til 9ish, i drive the car up the driveway aways, where the headlights can shine on the duck shed.  Open the car door and there's Rosie, "Mee-roowr".  Hi Rosie.  She escorts me to the duck shed and i just start to enter when i see two beady eyes.  Hmmm, those eyes are too close to each other on that head to be a bird, i say to myself.  Then i see it...the white striped tail.  Spooked Rosie because she didn't know i could run so fast!

I clamour back into the car and wait.  That skunk looks like it's going to bed down for the night in there!  But wait, aren't they nocturnal?  I wait some more.  Finally, my plan is to rev the engine and see if that does any good.  I drive the car up near the duck shed, and after i hit the gas a couple times, the skunk runs out of the duck shed....  Hooray!

and right into the chicken coop!  Ugh!  So now what?  Well, at least i can put the ducks away and then go to bed.  Wait!  Where are the ducks?  Huh?  I look outside and see another flash of threatening tail.  At this point, i don't know what to do.  I am quite certain that if Mr. Skunk skunked me, i would definitely have a real sour stomach.  So, i do what any self respecting gal would do...
call her man! :)

But there's no answer.  The third time, there is still no answer.  So, i leave a note on the front door.

After a while, Moose and Cookie make it home.  Now it's really pitch black.  Great night for stargazing.  Moose has the flashlights in his pocket, so he heads out to the shed.  Mr. Skunk has moved on, but there is no sign of the ducks....anywhere.  Moose heads out into the fields, calling "Here ducky duckies!" :)  Near the pond, that actually resembles something more of a large puddle at this point in the season with this little rain, he hears ducks come crashing out of the brush.  They follow him all the way back to the duck shed.  He turns on the light and finds that only Mischevious and Daffy have followed him back.  Where's Racer?!?

He comes up to the house, asked Cookie to put on her boots and grab a flashlight.  A few minutes later, she comes back to the house to collect me.  "Mom, we need your help.  Grab a jacket and boots."  Oh Lord, help me.

While Cookie is leading me back to the pond, i am amazed at her calmness in the pitch black darkness with only a small headlamp to light our way.  She's a completely different kid now...
Not a hot mess of a city girl like her momma.

We get to the pond and Cookie charges down through the brush to the edge of the puddle.  I stay about 3 feet from all that.  Cause you know there could be frogs down there. 

"See Racer, Mom?  She's under those bushes."  Moose tried bring food out to her. Cookie and Moose tried shooing her on shore.  Rosie even tried climbing into the brush hoping to help us herd the duck home.  No luck.  When they'd get too close, she'd retreat under the shrubs.

Finally, Moose asked me to go get another duck.  On the way back to the duck shed, i decided i would bring Cheevy...he tolerates me picking him up sometimes after we play tag.  Sometimes he gets too fresh and the only way i've found to make him stop is to give that silly ol ' duck a big bear hug.   

Hoping that Racer will respond to Cheevy's calls, we trudge back out to the pond.  We all say, "Call Racer, Cheevy!"  Right on cue, he lets out a big male whaaaaa, whaaaa, whaaa duck sound and Racer comes tearing out of the brush and up the banks.  Cheevy wants down to see if his woman is alright.  I'm *not* letting go of you, you silly duck!

Cookie's at the front of this crazy late night sharade parade, lighting my way.  Moose is at the back lighting Racer's way.  Cheevy's flapping his big ol' manly wings in my face.  Occasionally Racer would stop and duck into brush along the way.  Cheevy, sing it again, ol' boy. Waaaah!  Good boy! 

Finally, we got the ducks back inside and fed.  Whew!

And the neighbours are none the wiser since it wasn't daylight out.  :) 

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