Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Kinda Chore Chart

We've tried everything to get Cookie to tackle her chores.  I figured if the list format and chart format didn't work, the online computer program with email reminders would.  Pffft!  That only worked for a couple weeks. 

Back a square one, i came across cool chore punch cards, much like our coffee punch cards we coffee addicts carry around in separate wallets because they all won't fit in our money wallet. :)

I was about to order some i had seen on Etsy, when Cookie said, "Whatcha doin'?" 

I showed her the cards and got a resounding "cool!" from her. 

Then a quizzical look came across her face. 

"Momma, why would you buy them when you could make some really cool ones?" 

So i sat down at the computer, and after about a half hour with our art program i came up with this:

We decided that we'd leave the pay-out of each card negotiable.  That way they can earn a new book, an ice cream, a trip to the movies....when they are worth monies, we decided that each balloon is worth $0.25.  When a chore like making the bed is complete, Cookie pops a balloon with a hole puncher. 

We'll see how it works.  So far, just inspired chores for one day.  I wish i knew how to inspire her to complete more chores without beatings!! :)

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