Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Day In the Life...

I am sorry to be posting such negative things on my craft blog, but i am at the end of my straw with this place we live in. I think a lot of my frustration stems from the fact that we were almost out of here and into our dream home until someone with a lot more cash purchased it before we could get things in order here. Now there are really no other options in the housing market right now that we like, so it's time to be patient again.

Life is all timing, and i know there is a "reason" why we are where we are, but i have heard the alarm that this is no longer where we need to be and i am wondering when we are really going to be able to get out of this area where the "societial norms" are really starting to make it hard to raise my child with a shred of naivety.

This evening was one of those evenings that makes you so proud of your child and completely in love with your family....

we scheduled the weekend to be a family weekend, focusing on home projects and each other. We decided we would go to the K of C Spaghetti Feed at our church tonight and out for a little B&R afterwards (a tradition my hubbie is carrying on from his childhood with our child.) As were walking into the parish hall, Cookie Monster spots the first star of the night and starts belting out in the parking lot, "Star Light, Star Bright. First star i see tonight. I wish i may, i wish i spaghetti tonight!" :o) Completely precious! And after she was done with her meal, she quietly and contently coloured the flags of France and the USA and drew a beautiful picture of her family and dedicated the picture to her Mom and Dad. Sweetie!

Fast forward to B&R, we're eating ice cream and sharing each different flavour with each other and a cop car pulls up next to the shop. No big deal until the cop gets out of the patrol car with a woman who i hope was being used as "bait" for "Johns", or else this cop was going to be in a whole lot of trouble. Now Cookie monster is all about high heel shoes, so as she sees this woman walking through the door, she's staring at this woman and her shoes. And of course being a well trained officer, he draws more attention to him and his friend by giving my daughter the "hi little kid" wave. Thankfully, C.m. doesn't fall for that stuff...a stranger is a stranger to her. :o) But we get in the car and says, "Wow, that's very nice of that police officer to take his wife out for ice cream." Thankfully she still is young enough to say things like that now, but much more exposure to the "Ladies" cleaning up in the bathrooms of the grocery stores in our area and other incidences like this and she won't be naive much longer, eh?

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