Friday, January 9, 2009


And amongst the other discoveries of tonight, i've found that one of the contractor's crew had used this adorable chair of my daughters as a stepping stool thus leaving a partial boot mark. Raised in a barn comes to mind along with a few other not so family blog friendly sayings, however, what's done is done and now i must solve the problem. Only there's a second problem...nothing comes to mind when i wonder just how i am going to clean this!

The fabric seems quite as rough as burlap, but not certain that was really something people used back in the day for needlepointing bases. Wondering if something as natural as Bio-Kleen's Bac Out would do, or if it's lime extracts and enzymes would harm the fabric. Is Woolite a better option?
If you might have any suggestions, i would be grateful till the end of time!

Thanks so much!

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