Friday, January 9, 2009

No Work Was Actually Accomplished in the Posting of This Blog Entry

Best laid plans thwarted again! Tonight while digging through the piles that are building up downstairs, namely the laundry, i came across some of my embroidered girly goods. Since i am easily sidetracked (haven't i learned anything from the Flylady?), this meant that soon i was going through all my piles and boxes in the house looking for more linens and such to iron, wash, usw. Soon i had stumbled upon my awesome score of "mostly all things sweet and embroidered" miscellani for $5 at the local SA! (Items found in said bag i shall denote with a $5 next to them.)

What kind of creature, pray tell, could have brought this all down??


My adorable new-to-me pink pleated gingham apron with X-stitch-esque embroidery on it. When i found it the other day, it screamed "Buy me! I'm perfect for collecting chicken booty in," to me. "Nevermind that cool chicken wire basket you already use to collect eggs." Aprons! I wish they didn't speak English--it'd be so much easier to ignore them that way. :o)

Seriously though, who wouldn't get sidetracked by all these adorable things:

pillowcases! This one is a store bought case with hand embroidery by Dawn Stewart (i only know this as she signed the inside of the case with a permenant marker.) Wherever you may be Mrs. Stewart, i thank you for taking the time to make such a sweet and charming pillowcase! ($5)

a handmade pillowcase with crocheted embellishments and beautiful embroidery. ($5)

two bedroom linens with sweet lassies stitched on them (both in the $5 bag)

the Christmas table linens from our family in Germany

the linen napkins made in Ceska-Solvakia found in the $5 bag

the placemats that commerate our first family trip; i purchased these in SF's Chinatown. A napkin with the similar applique tucks in nicely to the flowers on the lower left side of the 'mat.

The hand-hemmed and embroidered napkins (with a matching tablecloth that is MIA--i feel another resolution coming on!) that i purchased at a thrift store for the first birthday celebration i gave my hubbie after we were married. He just loves sailboats!

my Halloween kitchen towel by Patience Brewster (my daughter tells me that she likes this best of all the Halloween dec's because she imagines that this is our cat's X-ray.) :o)

the handmade Rooster handtowel that commerated our exciting, allbeit brief, period of rooster husbandry. (R.I.P. my Bella Bruno--i know you made a family a loving table decoration for an evening.) :) Purchased at an art guild's fair over the Winter '08.

The guest towel i found the $5 bag. The appliqued and embroidered towel Nona's kindergarten teacher's mom made (i picked it up at her estate sale.)

The Christmas Towels: the one i made this year, l, and the one i found at an antique store.

my beloved handmade chicken placemats i purchased at a local craft fair

After all of this hunting and ironing of course led to me actually attempting to find unfinished projects in the bowels of my room, which has yet to be rearranged since the big window replacing project of '08 when everything that was being organised into piles got schmooshed up into one corner. Boy, do i need to make a resolution or what?!

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