Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life Is (Almost) Good

Oy! What a week! And i don't say that in a nice way. I've been sick since last Friday, so not a whole heck of a lot has gotten accomplished. This morning, i feel like the antibiotics are finally kicking in, however i am taking it easy.

Woke up to an unusually wonderful Western WA *sunny* winter day--frost on the grass, but the sunshine so warm and not a cloud in the sky. Decided to get bundled up and head out to the yard with The Ladies who were only too pleased to be out of their run, scouring the grass and veggie plot for any bugs, slug eggs, and paint chips (ugh!).
We have some awesome chickens! Unfortunately, we had to give up our roosters and we lost a hen to the cold, but the 3 we have left are delightful creatures! They just love going outside the coop/run but since we had the house repainted, the grass near the house and the coop is not really where we want them to be. We like our eggs to be unleaded, thanks! ;o) So they've figured out that i will not harrass them about eating paint chips if they just follow me.
They come chicken running (which is about the cutest thing i've ever seen in my life!) and flapping as hard as they can to follow me out to our front yard. This morning was devine--we must have been out there for at least an hour--just sitting in the yard, seeing the buds on the berries and the trees starting to swell, my Lenten rose is emerging from it's long 6 month nap, and listening to the chickens "boop booping, huh huh-ing" around the beds, finding the new grass and dandelion chutes. Wild birds flying back and forth across the yard to our new bird feeder (yesterday i saw a Flicker the size of a young turkey on that thing!)
The chicas would forage until their little brains figured it would be time to primp, and they come running over to me, looking for a little attention before they started ruffling feathers and putting them back in place. I love the way a chicken will just look at you like they are trying to figure out just what the heck kind of critter you are. :o)
Now if there was only a way to find out how to keep the airplanes from flying over top of the yard! This might be someplace i could call home for a while.


  1. Hope you are on the mend! It's no fun being sick.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks, Patti, i am feeling a bit better now. Just worn out from the antibiotics (they throw my system all out of whack!)

    How's the new grandbaby coming along?? Only a couple months now, eh?


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