Thursday, January 15, 2009


What a little DMC, muslin, and an hour can do for me:

Hurray! I embroidered my first creation (that didn't have Rick Springfield's name in it anyway-wink wink)!

Cookie Monster has a classmate's birthday to go to tomorrow. I have become really disenchanted with gift wrap--you spend all that money and time making the package look so nice and POOF! It's all in the trash in a quick nanosecond.

We decided to get this little girl a few gift certicates to a local ice cream shoppe since we don't know her that well. Save her parent's from returning something that she already has or doesn't like and saves space in their home by eliminating one more toy they will have to find storage for.

I decided the envelope wasn't as nice of a wrapping so i made a little bag (that will help store all the Hannah Montana or Polly Pocket stuff she'll be getting.)

The best part is that it kept my fingers busy so they wouldn't devour the rest of the delicacies i made yesterday for Dessert Nite:

Chocolate Hazelnut cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache frosting.

Man oh man! I think i need to make some more embroidered cupcakes and less edible ones, eh?

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