Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kids and their creativity

I love my kid. I am not just saying that because i am bias but because she is a miracle to watch grow up.

She drew this really cool picture for her friend's birthday present the other day.

The faces are of the 3 Musketeers as they are known at school: Savannah, Angelina, and my Cookie Monster. These three girls are thicker than the maple sugar candy my Great Grandfather used to make on his farm in Massachusetts. :o) I just love the attention to detail my girl of the friends has curly blonde hair, so it's curly in the picture as opposed to my C.m.'s straight blonde hair. The tiered cake is just over the top, and so are those eyelashes! I adore it!

And another thing i adore is the homemade wrapping paper her best friend made for her birthday present. He's an adorable little all american boy. And knowing that C.m. was having a farm themed party this year for her birthday, he designed his wrapping paper accordingly.

All this boils down to KIDS ARE COOL!

P.s. Note to self...some day i have to embroider the birthday picture C.m. made so we can add it to our collection of decorating supplies for birthdays. Maybe it would look cute on some homemade napkins or as a wall hanging?!

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