Thursday, February 12, 2009

D-Day for V-Day

Today is the "last chance, Charlie" to get all our Valentines done for Ri's school.

22 of them, plus 3 for the teachers. Whew!

We also like to throw a little something in them besides candy. But since it was so late in the game, we decided to ditch the homemade paper (a craft i decided would be better executed sans a hard deadline) and we made seed tapes instead using a mixture of flour and h2o as the glue that holds the cosmos, bachelor button and sunflower seeds to the Daily News.

My fingers have also been busy crocheting heart shaped dishclothes for the teachers (which thankfully has helped keep the said fingers out of the M&Ms jar.) We also had to run to a couple stores today to pick up the soap accompaniments to the dishclothes and to deliver our Valentine well-wishes to our beloved grocery clerks we're so fond of and who are also very fond of Ri.

Hoping i can get just one more cloth crocheted tonight and then it's on to assemble the school's book order and pack for our weekend at the in-laws.


  1. Happy Valentine's day! Can you send me your name and address? I am close to finishing your pay it forward gift!

    change at to @

  2. HI! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your good wishes.

    To answer your question, I think the Catholic Church did not strip Saint Valentine of his sainthood, they just can't verify all the facts about him, as he died early in Church records. In fact, there were two saintly men with that name around the same time. One was in Italy and one in France. So I think they allow them to remain Saints, but not official ones. :)

    Some of the Italian Saint Valentine relics were given to Whitefriar Church by a Pope many years ago as a gift to the pastor. I have a link to the whole story on my blog in my Irland posts. It must have been beautiful to see the altar covered with roses!

    Happy anniversary! Wasn't Ireland wonderful?


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