Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Heartfelt Thanks to Patti!

Remember a few posts ago i introduced you to a new acquaintance i met through the web? Patti at www.osagebluffquilter.blogspot.com. She makes adorable quilts at a feverish pace, and all while helping her family labour over homemade deer sausage and such. She's amazing! And she posted a Pay It Forward contest on her site and i entered it.

I received my package from her and to my surprise there were two little bundles inside: one for Ri and one for me! Ri was so excited when she opened hers--its a beautiful pink and black apron and as Ri said, "Oh, Mom, look! It's my favourite! Ric Rac!! Hooray!" And then when she noticed that Patti had sewn this pink ric rac with a a shiny silver accent in it she squealled with delight that this was her new favourite apron. :o)

Yesterday we welcomed it into the family by preparing a batch of cupcakes and a batch of caramels. And after everything was finished baking, she forgot to take it off and wore it all afternoon! She absolutely loves it.

This is the apron Patti made for me:

I absolutely adore the colours (we need a little June-ish looking pick me up around here about this time of year) and the lace trim...it reminds me of the lab coat my mom and i doctored when i used to have to wear one for work--we deconstructed the pockets and replaced them with flannel and trimmed them out with this lovely lace. I love that style of lace trim!

(Sorry about the hat, i had just gotten done washing my hair when Ri decided she was ready to take pictures of our aprons and whip up our goodies for dessert night.)
And another good thing about it is that now i have another functional egg collecting apron too!
Thanks so much, Patti! We absolutely love them and will cherish your handiwork for years and years to come.
psst...are you reading this and haven't seen my Pay It Forward contest post?

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  1. Your girls look so fashionable! Glad you received them. I knew Ri loved rick rac!
    Thanks for posting pictures too.


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