Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Helping our little friends

Since participating in the GBBC this year, my lil one has become very aware of birds. We've been watching a little "Kitty TV", as we call it in our home, with our cat Sadie. I am not sure whether Ri likes watching birds because she likes seeing the different kinds and looking them up in the bird book, or if she just likes watching because it's funny when the cat goes into a trance and does her little bird talk-"meya meya meya ay ya oow".

Today, Ri helped me make a fiber feeder for our little birdie friends.

1. We cut a piece off one of those netted bags (onions inhabited ours.) We took a rubber band to one end to seal it off.

2. Then we filled it with dryer lint (i can tell the fiber feeder is going to be in fierce competition with the woodstove for the dryer lint--oh boy!), various pieces of yarn/thread (i only use the cotton or wool blends only for this), and we raided the hairbrushes for some of our cast off locks.

3. We sealed it up with a string and tied it under our porch on the deck. This is near where the birds feed. While we were out there, i couldn't believe the number of song birds in our holly tree. And it's been a wet, miserable, cold day here. It is nice to hear the return of the song birds though. Bring on the Spring!

Ooh, and i saw crocuses sprouting over by Hubbie's work this morning. Woo hoo! Just a couple weeks and we'll have to beat the Leprechans to planting potatoes and peas!

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