Friday, February 27, 2009

Thinking About Moving Again

Honestly, my heart hasn't been into the whole moving idea since we missed out on our chance to own a 100 year old farmhouse on 6 acres 2 miles from the city i want to live in. It was more perfect than anything that i could have imagined, just because of the sheer facts that it was a 100 year old house that hadn't really been majorly renovated since the 40's art deco wall paper in the kitchen and the 70's woodstove installation but also it was in a newly zoned area in a city that is looking to maintain the farm lifestyle here in the Puget Sound. Anything agri-based or agri-touristy is going to be the "new" standard there. B&Bs, farmstands, farmer's markets, name it.

However, now Hubbie has found another place he thinks we could be comfortable in (until we have more kids anyway--then we'll have to remodel.) I am not sold on it, because it is not my dream home--A&C style or older.


the more and more i think about the property it's on, the more i get excited. Which i shouldn't do because it's not ours yet. :o) It's 8 acres though, 6 of that being treed (perfect for fuel or extra lumber, say for that remodel-wink wink). 2 ponds, a creek, a barn and garden shed with the utilities out to both...2 acres of pasture. And then there's this:

this is the little sitting area out beside the house --pond and fruit trees??? I think it's growing on me.

Then there's this which most everyone would probably say, "Oh, big deal!":

an intriguing door OFF of the kitchen. Right now i have to haul my groceries halfway past the front of my house and up 2 flights of stairs to get them into my kitchen. Then, my kitchen is so small that i usually have to haul the overstock downstairs to the pantry. Just say that my car would be parked within 25-40 feet of this door, and this house might have a sold sign on it. :o)

It would be perfect if that was all that my criteria involved, but i would like to be closer to the town. It's a bit high up a ridge (which has it's advantages during flood season) and a bit farther from town (namely the grocer) than i would like. My ideal situation was to move to this town and have an easy access to the store by bike, so we could start teaching our child (and children when more come) the ways of living near your necessities and leaving the driving for the adventures on the weekends.

None the less, we're going to check it out, because the more i think about our last experience at the restaurant near our house last week (signs up everywhere that read "Absolutely NO FIREARMS on these premises!" and each booth we looked at sitting in had Spanish curse words carved into the tables), the latest graffiti i've seen around our neighbourhood, and let's not leave out the lovely "ladies" "strolling" (more like trolling) the streets for Johns where all our major shopping options are...maybe right now the most important thing isn't having my dream home, but getting my little cookie out of this area so she doesn't have to grow up in a place half as bad as her momma or her daddy did.

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  1. WOW that place looks soooo COOL.
    Keep us posted on it.

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