Monday, February 2, 2009

In Need of Professional Help

This morning, my car found it's way to Joann's when i was supposed to be grocery shopping as clearly we have run out of perishable items after being sick all these weeks. Sigh. Like i don't have enough on my plate craft-wise, i found myself drawn to the sale on linen and a cute little piece of St. Patrick's Day fabric. So, i now have plans for dinner napkins in a nice grape color i think (it'll go good with the spaghetti sauce stains i am sure they'll acquire) and a beautiful little light blue linen that i think will make great hankies for my Nona and me. Maybe Hubbie too if i can figure out how to stitch a sailboat or something.

Today's sun is just right for livening up our spirits. Hubbie even got to bike into work today. It is making me long for the beach trip we have planned in August with Hubbie's family, so i've been looking for places to rent near the beach and getting sad because we'll have to wait so long to go!! Until then, i'll just have to lose myself in some of the pictures from last year's trip.

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