Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Winter-Spring-Summer Day

Today has been one of those days in Western WA where the saying "If you don't like the weather, just hang around for 5 minutes" applies. Well, really, i suppose everyone in every state has this kind of phenomenon (except for place like Arizona, because i had never heard this saying uttered while i lived there.) :o)

This morning we woke up to this

which is totally rare for us. And it continued snowing for a few hours. School was even delayed an hour!

Then around 11, the sun came out and melted most of the snow. I was out picking up some supplies at this time and everyone at the store was wishing each other Happy Summer. :o)

When i picked up the lil one and returned home, this was in our yard:

Isn't he pretty! Our cat thought it was Thanksgiving Day. :o) Would you look at the snout on that guy?

I had the camera zoomed out as far as it could go--i am so surprised this picture came out decently--i shot it from inside our dining room, through the window and the deck railing and the Flicker is standing about 20-25 feet away from the house under the very threatening and gloomy grey skies.

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