Thursday, October 1, 2009

Been Up To...

I'm sorry that the humble little blog of crafty and thrifty things i had going has been neglected lately.

Can you tell i was trying to put my focus on school, rather than computer? This week we've totally slipped because of the crud, but next week i am going to get us back on track. We have to be...soon all heck is going to break loose and come Nov 1st, our chances of having an absence of our "normal" family life is high; chances that Moose will be fully engrossed in flood issues (meaning a flood is actually going to happen) will be 1 in 3.

Thankfully, the City is going to have 2 emergency management hubs, one on each hill, so Moose has requested the West Hill EMC. Whew! So at least if he gets a shift off or even just a few measelly hours off, he can come home and help us stoke the fires since we potentially could have no power for days. :o( Personally, i think it's that the people stationed up here during the emergency are hoping secretly that i will be cooking for them. :o) And if Moose's boss suggests that many more times, i'm going to have to help make him look good. :o) Another co-worker of Moose's jokingly volunteered our 17K lot as refuge for the evacuated animals in the Valley. Ha! Wouldn't our cat love that!?! And the hawk for that matter. Oy! Scary times!

We have been distracting ourselves this week--with a few things.

Like Miss Ri's soccer. This is our little soccer star (if she could carry a book out on the field, she would.) :O) Her coach told her at last week's game that soccer players shouldn't be as polite as she is. She told us she thinks is wrong that someone should try to steal the ball from another player. Oh boy....this is why i used to tell Moose that we were going to have to send our child to public school with a book in her pants. :o)

After last week's dance class, Ri and i had a "Momma/Daughter Dinner Date", since Moose was working late at the business info meeting re: the flooding. We went to Johnny Rockets for our "annual visit". :o) And Ri was pleasently surprised to see this gent at the mall...

she loves the Tin Man, although we haven't introduced her to Mr. Baum's story yet. We have a Tin Man Christmas ornament on our tree each year that my parents purchased one year when we went to Disneyland. That evening, they were showing the original Oz on the IMAX screen (and i spent the evening blasting myself for not introducing Ri to Oz earlier.) Ironically, i had just picked up the book at the library to start reading to her during English and bedtime.

We've had this stretch of gorgeous Fall weather, so i started painting the deck. We've had "everything but" painted for a year now, it's time to get the ball rolling. We're hoping our colour scheme works out in the end...but we may just have to paint the whole thing red or black instead of both. Looking at paint sample boards from the 50's showed that these three colours did actually exist at the time, so i am hoping that it flatters the house--albeit that it makes it look more Craftsy though than Mod '59.

It really looks nice from the inside, especially when the tomatoes are looking for dreary. :o)
The red is the colour of our aluminum window frames which have the black window trim around them. The white parts of the railing will be charcoal black when we are done painting.

And while Miss is dancing her little heart out...
i've been working on a project for her and i to do. Her cousin will be turning 4, so we are going to need a present by month's end. She's a sweet little girl, always likes sharing you something that she's working on be it paper with crayons or part of her lunch. So we thought a little basket of homemade felt cookies and an apron would be a nice gift for such a girl. Ri is going to help me stitch these babies up--complete with sprinkles. I am still debating on whether we should make a few with bite marks out of them. hee hee!

Mostly though, our days involve school. And now, Ri thinks our cat is itchin' to enroll too. So most days, we have Sadie up at the table with us "monitioring our progress."

Maybe she's on to something though???
Ever heard of a cat who liked history or geography?
Maybe it's just because we are learning about Egypt now, the land of her ancestors, you know?!
Seems she is a little confused between South America and Africa though. :o)

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