Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't You Just Love Dinner in the Fall?

Tonight is a quiet night at home for me. Moose made it home early enough to take Ri to her soccer practice, so it's me, a plateful of Fall goodness, a glass of Mother's Milk, and a chapter or two of The BFG (Big Friendly Giant).
It's a much needed night at home. It's some time to relish in the memories i have of my dear German exchange family, who just this weekend lost their patriarch. My "German Dad" lost his battle with cancer, but as my sissy tells me, that his quiet death during his sleep is what he wished for when the doctors told him chemo was no longer cutting it. Today my b-i-l honoured him with a Mass.
After i am done here, i have time to devote to craft projects and laundry. Although, wielding X-acto knives and scissors are probably never a good idea after one's had 2 glasses of Leibfraumilch, eh?
Working on Halloween and birthday gifts, party favours involving freezer paper stencils and housework.
Oy! Is a momma's work is ever done? ;o)

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