Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Fall Yumminess

The winds weren't as bad here near the Sound as they were up in the Cascade Foothills, so we still have most of our Fall Jewels hanging around, even though the rains have taken their toll. The colours in our area are nicest by the river. Here's a smattering of pictures from the cities we've visited within the last week.

This is a tree by the now City of Kent owned property, formerly known as Marco's Nursery. It's off of Frager Rd., next to the Green River, near the Ol' Fishin' Hole. All the plants that were left there will come out at some point in the future (Moose's dept. will be putting a project out to bid someday that will turn this property into a back channel for the spawning salmon.) Until then, this is one of the most colourful spots in town.

This is my favourite neighbourhood in Tacoma--Proctor. Lots of Craftsman style homes and walkable neighbourhoods close to the zoo and the Sound. Complete with a fabulous toy store, Irish shop, Italian restaurant, hobbie store, 1 screen theatre, and a couple grocers. Too bad the homes are on postage stamp-sized lots (if that!)

The farm we visited in Bonney Lake last week. Not many trees out that way, as it's an enormous ag district--strategically located just off of the new hwy that rendered the old hwy useless. Nicer this way though--not too many stores or cars out this way--since all that jive is now 2 miles south of this area! More cows here than fall colour! :o) But lovely rows of colourful pumpkins!!

This is one of the streets coming up to our neighbourhood. I think it's one of the only tree lined streets in our area.

This is a view of the Kent Ag District down by the apartments i used to live in near the Green River. One side of the river is developed, the other side looks like this still. Sadly, this all may be flooded this year. The men were out there last Friday, harvesting heads of cabbage as big as basketballs. This is at the other end of Frager Rd.


  1. I wish I could go shopping with you!!!!


  2. I've never seen that many pumpkins in my life!!


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