Monday, October 26, 2009

More Tricks Than Treats

Hoping you all had a great weekend this past weekend.

I can't believe it's almost Halloween. Where did the rest of October go?

And i really don't want to believe that the rainy season is on us, especially with the potential flooding.

Today we are homebound...and not just sticking around the home, but stuck in the house. It's raining so hard that i think our chickens are going to have to find a way to survive yet another day inside the coop, or else they'd be swimming in the front yard. :o)

It's just one of those days where you need a little something in your morning coffee. Where you feel like if you donned every article of clothing that you own, you still wouldn't be warm enough (my dad refers to these days as the days when you need to "bring in the brass monkey".) :o) Where the computer has every intention of finding new ways to drive you batty. Where you wish God had blessed your child with just an ounce of concentration this morning, instead of 3 pounds of excuses about why she can't do 2 math problems this morning in less than an hour. Where, quite honestly, you'd just love it if you could just yell "DO OVER!" and everyone would just crawl right back into bed and sleep for another 8 hours. :o)


I have managed to get a little done today so far.

One of the numerous piles has been eliminated from the living room. And a few papers have been recycled from the dining room/school room. Word of advice for anyone homeschooling: the dining room can be a great place for your school, just that the dining room table is probably not the best work area. For the same reasons why a designated craft desk, or even better a whole room, is much better than trying to get craft projects done between meals. :o)

While cashing in on "me" time this morning, before Ri woke up, i finished a Halloween project.

We decorated the mantle.

I've managed not to fill up the kitchen sink with dirty dishes (per usual) before lunchtime!

Hooray me!

Since, as i mentioned above, our computer is on the fritz, the blogposts here may be a bit sketchy, but i will take pictures and have updates as this crazy contraption allows.

And if you don't hear from me by next weekend, i hope you and your families have a truly wonderful Halloween, filled with lots of cute litle goblins of the not so scary kind knocking on your door. :o)

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