Monday, October 5, 2009

Most Wonderful Time

October is always an exciting month around here. I'm one of those people that drops everything for my kid (or at least i try to.) She is the best thing that happened to me since Moose. :o) And her birthday is coming up in November.

I am also one of those people that likes to go all out (with effort) when putting together a party and enjoying our special time with family and friends. And because of that, i start asking Ri what she'd like to do for her birthday around August, making the final decision in Sept. and doing a little foot work on the subject matter. Around the middle of Sept, i start dropping hints Moose's way and mentioning we act soon. By the first week of October, i usually shut down and it's all birthday planning, all day around here.
Ri would like a skating party this year for her b-day. So we spent a good part of Thursday and Friday last week designing a kickin' invite for her party. I "Google" searched some of the roller derby ads and flyers and showed her the many different styles of them. (Which meant i also had to explain that flyers with some of these things, like girls in fishnets with bun huggin' shorts on were not appropos for any age of birthday or otherwise--which she kindly replied, "I know that Mom. It's just disgusting and i would never do it.") :o) Good girl!

So with a focus on the elements we did like and a stack of tracing paper, slowly evolved this mock up of a sweet invitation you see here:

Ri is super excited! She's worried that her friends will think it's too "old fashioned", and so they won't want to come. I told her the only people who had to be excited about her invitation were her and her parents. :o) We like the sweet old schoolness of it. I was telling about how when i was a teen, people used to make these up for parties or such and hang them around the areas at school or....?

Today we are going to work on putting colour into it. This is where i really wish i knew Photoshop! :o) I need to figure out how to put a background in here, while keeping our design intact. It looks decent enough, so i think i may have missed my calling! I could have been designing promo flyers for U2 right now.....or something. :o) Then again, i wouldn't have my Nona or my Moose.

And you know it's good when after we laid out the design, Ri asked excitedly, "So, Mom, are we
going to staple these on telephone poles???"

I've taught her well...she's now officially ready to go to college. :o)

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  1. I wish I were a talented as you. I sure struggle to get things to look nice.




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