Tuesday, October 6, 2009


No longer just a funny saying that my friends used to scream at one another when we were in high school for blaitent attention grabbing, but also a crop i harvested from the yard today.

We planted a variety by Botanical Interests called Luscious Bicolour. The main reason why i was soooo attracted to it was for it's short harvesting date: 75 days. Lots of the corn that we see around here is more along the 90-105 day span, and we usually don't have that long here in the Pac NW with our false start summers in June that sometimes are known for creeping into the first week of July.

We did get a few ears from it--from 1 packet, we attained 3- 6 foot long rows, which yielded 5 ears for us to eat and 5 for the chickens and a few undeveloped ones.

I have to say, for all the work, i am not sure it was worth it. Might i try it another year, sure. But with the way this summer was this year, we should have been swimming in corn--the first time we planted was a summer like this one & we had twice as many rows that yielded 50+ ears of corn.
And tomatoes--oy! These are the first harvest. Things were truckin' along so good there and then Labour Day came. The cool air from the Sound at nights comes over the hill and stops the pinkish toms ripening in their tracks. I probably have enough red ones for a couple batches of pasta sauce, so Ri and i will start cracking on that this week.

Lone wayward carrot that has survived the drought we've placed on it. Hopefully there will be just a few more of these babies, but if not, at least the tops will give the chickens something good to munch on.

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  1. Your garden turned out really good!



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