Friday, October 2, 2009

What season is it???

Walking out in the yard today, and i discovered that the grounds don't know what season it should be.

In some parts of the yard, there are flowers that have just bloomed in that past week...
sunflowers and snapdragonsstrawberries

cherry nasturtiums

and the tomatoes! Oh, the tomatoes!
However, in other parts of the yard, it's Fall.
The mushrooms are out in full force.
Does someone have a golf club, preferable a driver, that they could lone me?
The dracs are in bloom (much to the bees delights)

The hollyhocks are going to seed

So, i decided that i would commit to a season and decorate a little.
Homegrown pumpkins at the front entry and...
homegrown corn stalks and a pumpkin on the garden gate out at the street
(lovin' that chandelier on the gate--maybe i should make a fine cotton crocheted spider web to adorn it?)

One decoration i didn't have to lift a finger for....

Maybe Hallowe'en getting closer than we'd like to believe?
Happy October!

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  1. What you call dracs we call Michaelmas daisies or New York Asters. I love them. I also like that they can only be enjoyed in outside since they wilt almost a soon as they are cut. Happy Fall!


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