Friday, January 29, 2010

Like I Needed Another Project....

I saw this adorable Valentine garland on a sweet blog yesterday, and i must say, i am in need of some Valentine decorations this cute! Oh, but for the time....

Something i could get done......
  • while and i argue over when her schoolwork should be completed. Hmm, probably not.
  • while we're listening to the week's homily. Hmmmm.

I wonder if you can train yourself to crochet in your sleep? Hmmmmm.


I am finding that pattern with it's trc's extrememly disappointing...not because there is anything wrong with the pattern, but because i can't seem to perform trc's. :o) So here are some other sites i am finding useful...


  1. That is really cute! I saw a cute garland yesterday made of felt hearts. The were stiched end to end with the sewing machine. That would go faster, if you really want a heart garland. :D

    Re: crocheting at church.... I always wish I could knit at church! I'd listen and think so much better if I had something to do in my hands.

  2. I found your bloggity blog on the list at Meet Me At Mike's for the granny a day challenge. I am a novice in the world of crochetery but I'm giving it a whirl.
    Your blog was fun to read. I am anxiously awaiting spring as well here in the Midwest. Snow, snow and more snow is what I see out my windows. The photos of your plants was encouraging.
    I see that you are also a home schooling Mom. I home schooled my son all the way through and he is now graduated and safely ensconced in college. Whew! It can be a tough road that is for sure. But the benefits FAR outweigh the troubling times. Hang in there!

  3. That is a darling idea! I have stopped crocheting and knitting as my hands are too crippled, but it is a simple design. With your talents I'm sure you could do it.



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