Saturday, May 22, 2010

As If The Cabin Wasn't Enough

When we arrived at the cabin last month, we noticed something different.
Try to focus now. I know the cute kid in the picture makes it a bit difficult, but see that chair just below the orange life vests? Do you see the pinkness in that chair??
We hadn't remembered it before, so of course us Curious George's disregarded the old wives' tales about curiousity leading to untimely demise and dug into said pinkness.
What a gem it is!
It's a quilt that i wish i knew the story behind!
It's amazing work. Looks to be done by hand with a vast amount of cloth from
another place in time.
It's pinkness is that front of the quilt. I'll save that for last here, as i was completely blown away by the back of the quilt and am so excited to share it.
This is the back of the quilt: the diamond side.
Can you believe it? Two quilt "tops" effectively, combined to make a reversible quilt. Whoever said more isn't necessarily better obviously hadn't even seen a double-sided, hand stitched quilt made entirely of mostly very graphic vintage cloth.
I love the diamonds, but what i love more was that they were arranged by the colours in the centre so that the fabric wrapping the little centre diamonds could have no rhyme or reason.

These are some of my favourites:

I defy you not to adore these kittens--i'm pretty certain it's an impossibility

And as if that weren't enough, the front is just as delectible
APRONS? (or maybe fans?)
Adorable, regardless of their likeness!

One curiousity left is that funky material below with the woman on a broomstick in a Santa hat? What in the world? I wonder what a boarder piece of that cloth looked like? What's it suppose to be? Was it a feedsack? Very interesting!
At any rate, it's a wonderful addition to the cabin, adding to it's collections of furnishings from yesteryear and making it feel completely otherworldly when your blessed to visit there.

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